Cameron Corner Post

Cameron Corner Post

John Cameron, the NSW Lands Department Surveyor, led the first survey party along the NSW-QLD border between 1879 and 1881. On arriving at the corner in September 1880 Cameron erected a wooden boundary post with the inscription “LAT29” (latitude 29 degrees) and “Cameron”. This original post is displayed at the National Parks and Wildlife Service Office in Tibooburra. The new post was erected in 1969.

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NSW and Qld border post

Cameron Corner Store

Cameron Corner is where the State of Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia meet. The Corner Store is in Queensland and receives its supplies from New South Wales, and telephone services from South Australia. The area was originally surveyed by John Cameron, a New South Wales Lands Department Surveyor, who led the first Survey Party along the New South Wales / Queensland Border during 1879-1881. The survey commenced on 2nd September 1879 from the Border town of Barringun and continued west to the intersection of the South Australian Border. The project was completed twelve (12) months later. The original Survey Post is displayed at the National Parks and Wildlife Service office in Tibooburra, and a new Survey Marker was installed at the Corner in 1969.

The Cameron Corner Store was first opened by the late Sandy Nall in May 1989. The Interpretive Centre contains information on the world’s longest fence, the Dingo/Wild Dog Barrier Fence, which stretches over approximately 5,500 kilometres. The Fence was adapted from the original rabbit proof fence, and now separates dingoes in central Australia from livestock in south-east Australia. The Fence winds its way from the Great Australian Bight to south-east Queensland through five (5) deserts, and Cameron Corner is located approximately midway along the entire structure. Boundary riders are employed by the Wild Dog Destruction Board (WDDB) to maintain the New South Wales section of the fence.

The Cameron Corner Store provides licensed accommodation, meals, telephone services, fuel, puncture repairs, minor mechanical repairs, and camping. Local tourist information and souvenirs are also available at the ‘Corner’, together with friendly local service. Cameron Corner boasts an unsealed Airstrip for visitors who prefer to fly in. The Store is open seven days a week from 8.00am until Midnight.

Cameron Corner Store frontage