Travel Info


What are the local emergency contact details?


If it's not an emergency

You can reach the Thargomindah Police Station on (07) 4655 3200

The Thargomindah Outpatients Clinic on 07 4655 3361

and the Thargomindah Fire Station on 07


Where can I get a Pharmacy script filled?

Unfortunately there isn't a pharmacy in Thargomindah. It's best if you ensure you bring sufficient medication with you as the closest pharmacy is in Cunnamulla, which is 197km away. However if you are staying in town for a while, you can mail scripts to the Cunnamulla Pharmacy at 14 Stockyard Street, Cunnamulla Qld 4490. Phone: 07 4655 1142.

Where can I see a doctor?

Please phone the Thargomindah Outpatients Clinic on 07 4655 3361 to make and appointment as the Royal Flying Doctor Service only flies a Doctor in every Thursday.

Telephone / Mobile / Internet

Is there public internet access in Thargomindah?

Yes - The Thargomindah Visitor Information Centre has access points. There is also wi-fi available at the Explorers Caravan Park for guests.

Is there mobile coverage in Thargomindah?

Yes but only through the Telstra network. If you have a phone through another carrier where you are not paying off the phone, you can pick up a Telstra pre-paid sim card from the Thargomindah Post Office at 17a Gilmour Street. For more information on the Telstra mobile network, go to:

What is the telephone country code and area code?

The country code of Australia is +61 and the area code of Queensland is (07)

Getting Access to Money?


There is no ATM in town however you can get funds out from the Bulloo River Hotel, Roadhouse, Foodworks and the Post Office. Many of the local businesses offer cashout facilities but there are understandably, requirements for a minimum spend.

Post Office

The Thargomindah Post Office is an Agent for Commonwealth, Westpac, Heritage, CBU, NAB and most other banks, however they do not have ANZ facilities.

If you are headed to stay in Thargomindah for a week or more, you can arrange for your mail to be sent to the Post Office for when you arrive. Mail MUST be addressed as: your name, C/- Thargomindah Post Office, 17a Gilmoure Street, Thargomindah Qld 4492. Mail will be held only for one month and you must bring your ID to be able to collect mail or parcels on arrival.

Food / Water

Where can I get a bag of ice?

Foodworks, Bulloo River Hotel Motel and The Explorers Rest Roadhouse.

Where can I get a meal?

Sit down meals are available from the Cafe on Dowling, The Oasis Motel and Restaurant, the Bulloo River Hotel Motel and The Explorers Rest Roadhouse. All of these also have take away options.

Where can I get a real coffee?

Cafe on Dowling and The Oasis Motel and Restaurant have REAL Cappucino Machines!

Can I drink the water from the tap?

Yes the water being artesian, is safe and suitable for drinking. However if you are reluctant to drink it, there are a number of different brands of bottled water available from Foodworks, Bulloo River Hotel Motel, The Oasis Motel and Restaurant, Cafe on Dowling and The Explorers Rest Roadhouse.

Gas Refills & Mechanical

Where can I get a gas bottle refilled?

Ago Vires - 130 Stafford Street. Phone: 07 4655 3037
9kg cylinder refills. Open Mon - Fri 6.30am to 5pm.

Where can I get a tyre repaired or replaced?

Turnouts Mechanical & Tyres - 41 Stafford Street. Phone: 07 4655 3243
Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 5.30pm, Sat: 9.30am to 12.30pm, Sun closed.

Is there a mechanic in Thargomindah?

Yes, they are:

O'Briens Toyoto (Thargo Motors) - 61 Dowling Street. Phone: 07 4655 3196
Turnouts Mechanical Services - 41 Stafford Street. Phone: 07 4655 3243

Can I have pets at the local hotels / motels / caravan parks?

Yes at the caravan park if you have your own caravan. No pets allowed inside the units. Pets on application at the Bulloo River and Oasis - however again, no pets allowed inside rooms or units due to health regulations.




How can I travel to and from Thargomindah

There are only 2 ways to Thargomindah, by car and by Rex Airlines. See below for the link to the Rex website timetable.
PLEASE NOTE: Timetables are subject to change without notice so please check with the provider before making plans.



Where can I do a load of washing and use a clothes dryer?

At the Napunyah Caravan Park. Ensure you have appropriate coinage.

At the Explorers Caravan Park. You can pay a day fee to allow you to have a shower and access to the laundry, however you will still need to pay for the washing machines and dryers.

Where can I swim in Thargomindah?

At the Thargomindah Swimming Pool located right next door to the Thargomindah Visitor Centre on Dowling Street. You will need to check the seasonal opening hours on the Swimming Pool Noticeboard.