The Old Jail

The Old Jail

Old Jail ThargomindahThe Old Jail cells and kitchen were originally located at Kulki Station, however they were relocated to their current site on Dowling Street in 2018.

The cells were constructed in 1930 using cypress pine with a galvanised iron roof and were lined with hardwood.

Come down and see what it would have been like to be 'locked away' for crimes committed back in the day. Listen to Police Sergeant George Schnitzerling talking to prisoner Sidney Barney.

Old Jail Cell

To access the Old Jail, Hydrop Power Plant and Old Hospital, you purchase a swipe card for $12.50 pp. These are available from the Thargomindah Visitor Information Centre.

All tours are fully automated so you can visit at your own leisure. When you've finished all tours, drop you card into one of the card return boxes located at each attraction, or just return to the Visitor Centre.