Wild Dog Barrier Fence

Wild Dog Barrier Fence

Dog Fence

The entrance to Hungerford, where visitors pass from New South Wales to Queensland is a gate in the Wild Dog Barrier Fence.

The Wild Dog Barrier Fence as we know it today was originally conceived as a means of controlling rabbit infestations in the 1880's. Over time, smaller sections of fence have been joined together, and the entire structure stretches from Jimbour in Queensland to the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia, with the aim of controlling the movement of dingoes, wild dogs and rabbits across various portions of it's length.

This fence has a chequered history of funding and disrepair, even though no one doubts the damage caused to both sheep and cattle by wild dogs.

The fence may be viewed and passed through at a number of places along the New South Wales/Queensland border, however as the fence passes through private property, travel along the length of the fence is not permitted.

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